‘Liberta’ Collection’s main colours are dusty pink, golden beige and champagne. Garments are made of silk, lace, delicate feathers and handmade embroidery. It is the kind of fashion which celebrates femininity and style. Designer Barbara Piekut encourages to enjoy being a woman and to find joy in experiencing it every day. Nowadays we have to remember that sometimes when we dress up, it isn’t just about the dress- it is about self-confidence, it is about how we want to feel in this particular time of our life. After pandemic, when everything stopped and people started to think about fashion in a different way, we need high fashion more than ever. 

We need to celebrate fashion and play with it when we have the opportunity. Life is too short not to wear lace and feathers sometimes. -„ I create for women, because I know, that every one of us wants to feel beautiful and confident – no matter what size we wear. Beauty and style are measured by the number of breaths taken away, never with tailor’s scoop. I believe every woman is beautiful – my job is to make her notice it herself”